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Version History

As of October 26, 2001 the collection of files that make up the VMELinux kernel driver for the Tundra Universe PCI-VME bridge device have been reorganized in an effort to get in line with typical version number schemes. Our scheme now follows the pattern used by Linux itself. Namely...


...suggests the following:

Major version level. This changes when tecktonic shifts occurs in the goals of the program. For VMELinux this will probably stay at "1" for a very VERY long time.
Minor version level. This represents added or tweaked functionality. In the spirit of Linux, we adopt the even/odd scheme to reveal stable vs. development code. Even means stable and odd means development.
Patch version level. This increments for every release that fixes bugs.


Development release which supports all eight master images of the Universe II. The slave images were not increased to eight and in fact were removed all together because the driver never supported slave mode and probably never will unless demand says otherwise.
First and latest stable release. Is the latest and greatest collection of files with support for the 2.4.x and 2.2.x kernels.
Most recent development release marking the end of the alpha files with support for only the 2.2.x kernels.
The first alpha collection put into CVS, but is certainly not the first VMELinux effort which dates back to 1996.

The older distributions in the download directory are from the Linux 2.0.x days and are here only for historical completness.

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